New Designs!

Faith and Duty. Duty and Faith. For badged officers these precepts are often inseparable. Your miniature badge affixed to a cross pendant makes it truly personal. Check out these designs, let loose your creative self & have us craft a pendant for you that is uniquely your own. Contact us today so yours can be ready as soon as possible.

Hayward Double The delicate rendering of Celtic twining vine on this cross beautifully highlights the artistry of the badge. Roll your mouse over the image to see how the simplicity of the cross enhances the striking St. Michael rendition on the reverse.
Sgt Manteca

This remarkable design, crafted in gold, has .66 ct brilliant diamonds highlighting the tips of the cross. Spectacular!

San Raphael

Gary Gross

Any of our hundreds of badge designs can be affixed to the cross design of your choice. The person is unique; the jewelry is unique.

Can this be done with your California jurisdiction badge? You bet! Search the California designs we have already created or have us make a new design from an image you provide.

CHP cross This cross created for the California Highway Patrol wife shows the flared tips and converging arrow points reminiscent of the Maltese Cross. The design is said to symbolize the eight points of courage: loyalty, piety, bravery, frankness, glory and honor, no fear of death, compassion toward the sick and poor, and respect for the church. Beautiful craftsmanship.
San Raphael Celtic knot work helps make these designs timeless. Design a pendant for each of your children & grandchildren!
J Bray Can the cross be crafted & personalized alone, without the badge? Yes! Contact us.