Like what you see, but want something a bit different? Custom designed jewelry reflects the uniqueness of the individual. Creating your own design for a jewelry item is exciting and sure to develop cherished and warm memories that will last a lifetime.



Perhaps you want to signify a special-team membership.

Money Clip


How about attaching a miniature badge to a money clip?

ear rings


Use two charms for a one-of-a-kind set of earrings to honor your hero.
Tie Tac Build a unique tie tack for a special professional




Give a whole new meaning to the term "bracelets".
ring Perhaps your design will honor a hero at the end of a dedicated career. Design a unique badge ring encrusted with diamonds.

Stir your imagination, then contact us. Check out our DESIGN OPTIONS first, then let us know what you have in mind; let's work on it together to turn your idea into solid gold (or silver)!