What a charming way to mark the milestones of a career in the badged services. Start with the bracelet, beautiful jewelry on its own, then add charms for those special occasions. Chose from Sterling Silver, 10 Kt, 14 Kt, or 18 Kt. Gold.

Charms can be personalized with Diamonds or Precious Gems. Create your own family heirloom, treasured for generations to come!

7" or 8" Sterling Silver or Gold bracelet with 12 Police charms.
Special St. Michael charm
Give a whole new meaning to the word "bracelets"
7" or 8" Sterling Silver or Gold bracelet with 12 Firefighter charms.
St. Florian Charm

The symbol most associated with St. Florian is the Maltese Cross, commonly known as St. Florian's Cross. It is used the world over as an insignia for fire departments and firefighters, since St. Florian is their patron saint. The cross is made up of four v-shaped arms, giving it eight points on the outside edge.

Crosses of this design have been used since around the First Crusade in 1096. The design is said to symbolize the eight points of courage: loyalty, piety, bravery, frankness, glory and honor, no fear of death, compassion toward the sick and poor, and respect for the church. It has been adopted by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Knights Hospitaller) as their symbol, and so became called the Maltese Cross.